Frequently Asked Questions

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Our model is straightforward and simple. We provide instant stores for our entire wholesale catalogue so that Affiliates can focus strictly on marketing. Whalop handles the product fulfillment, customer service, credit card transactions, commissions, tracking & reporting, and more.
Yes, we call this SYOP - Set Your Own Price. With Whalop, the affiliate can choose the web retail sale price they want to sell a product for. "Set Your Own Price" can be done many different ways: by percentage; by the actual dollar profit you determine you want to make, or by product group/type.
NO. Whalop makes it as easy as possible for possible for affiliates to adjust selling strategies as often as they like.
Yes, with one exception. The system will not allow you to set the prices below the wholesale price of the product, but otherwise you can set the price to whatever you believe the market dictates.
Yes, reorder emails are generated every day to all customers that have "opted-in" to our continuity program. This logic is available in nearly every product line we support. It enables our affiliates to earn a residual income from all customers that participate.
Absolutely! For every sale made, you will receive an email notification informing you of the date, time, amount, and commission dollars owed. You can also view campaigns/programs you are promoting by logging onto our system and accessing our superior reporting and tracking tools.
Payment cycles run weekly form Saturday 00:000h to Friday 23:59h. Commissions are paid one week in arrears every Friday. Payments can be sent by check, ACH, or bank wire (depending on your preference).
Depending upon the financial institution there may by a nominal fee charged to you by your bank for this service.
Yes, you will need a minimum commission balance of $25 before we pay commission.
No, that’s the best part: we've done all the work for you - just sign up and once accepted affiliates may immediately start marketing.
If a customer's order is placed before 2 PM EST, it ships the same day. If the order arrives after 2 PM EST, the order ships the following business day. If the order is placed over the weekend, it will be shipped on the following Monday, (unless that Monday is a holiday).
Whalop supports multiple carries along with various priority shipping methods via: FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service. Carrier availability is product line dependent.
Shipping costs are product line dependent. In most cases, shipping costs are embedded into the wholesale price. But here's an important reminder - Whalop is the only affiliate network to offer shopping cart technology and tools that enable the affiliate to turn shipping into a profit center.
Yes, download as many WordPress websites as you desire. Try different designs, set different prices - compete against yourself for traffic - set your goals to own an entire product line or target a specific product. The choice is yours.
With Whalop’s WordPress templates you can build your own custom search engine-friendly website for an array of products. Choose any one or more of our free expertly-designed WordPress templates and start generating income today.
Our templates are WordPress themes to help you get started and are designed in the latest standards making it easy for you to brand and customize your online store. All Whalop customer orders are placed directly onto our checkout and shopping cart technology – removing the need for you to purchase your own SSL certificates.
Yes, the Whalop store plugin is compatible with WordPress, so you can choose the products you want to sell with ease.
You completely control your website! Whalop offers the products, shopping cart, fulfilment, customer service and more. You do the marketing, we handle the rest. If you need help, our affiliate managers and technical support team are always available to help and/or make suggestions on how you can improve upon your success.
Yes, we provide each audience with full support. Whether you have questions as you set up your Whalop built site or a technical issue for an existing site. Our goal is to insure the success of all associates and business partners.
Yes, non-U.S.-based agents are welcomed.
Yes, if you purchase the domain name, you remain the owner. Build your own brands!
You will be able to sell any of the highly profitable products we offer. Using the Whalop Shop Plugin, you can pick which products you want to sell and how. Either way, we offer choice and flexibility.
You will be able to sell any of the highly profitable products we offer. And, you may also choose to participate in our Ink or Pet Programs. Either way, we offer choice and flexibility.
Yes, all orders from your website are processed on our secure server using an SSL certificate.
There are a few free methods you might wish to consider, which usually pay off, such as recruiting other agents or exchanging banners to increase your website traffic. However, the best profits come from high-ranking on major search engines and social media. This can be achieved either through search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising or social media advertising. Our Affiliate mangers and technical support teams can help you optimize your marketing strategies. You may also visit our “Affiliate Training” material.
We have a strict anti-spam policy. SPAM is not permitted or tolerated. Agents will be immediately terminated if Whalop receives excessive SPAM complaints about your website. You will lose all outstanding commissions once you are terminated.