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Use our Whalop shop plugin with your existing WordPress site or download a pre-designed theme,
utilize marketing tools, Set you own prices, gain analytic insights to evaluate ROI.

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Whalop is the Smart Affiliate Network

Use our Whalop Shop Plugin to sell products with ease, with all the tools you need to be profitable.

Simply More Profitable

Whalop offers revolutionary enhancements to payouts: lifetime residual commissions and capabilities to set prices and margins.

Market Intelligence

Whalop uses years of affiliate marketing expertise to research and compile all the information you need to be successful on a per program basis.

Keeps You in Charge

Whalop equips affiliates with real-time tracking to support affiliate decision-making processes in all activities including campaigns and conversions.

New Tools?

If you’re ready for the Whalop difference but are unsure of how to implement our extensive customization, your account manager is on call.

Customization Capabilities

Tap into Whalop’s easy-to-execute design, template customization features and individual graphics which truly turn affiliates into business owners.

Whalop Shop Plugin

Wordpress Plugin

Whalop gives you the ability to Add a store to WordPress with ease. We handle the processing, fulfillment, customer support, everything needed. Pick a product and start marketing.

Start making money today!


Target Marketing

Driving customers directly to your products is easy with Whalop solutions. Our Widget Builder generates higher click-to-sale rates from landing pages or anywhere else it is placed. Get creative with your marketing campaigns.

Drive traffic all the way to the sale quickly and easily.

Banners & Links

Headers and Logos

With an emphasis on eye-catching design and easy-to-use capabilities, the websites Whalop creates for your business will ensure a positive navigation experience for your clients.

Eye-Catching Banner Designs

Custom Pricing

Set Your Own Price (SYOP)

Set Your Own Price for total command of your market. Control Pricing and Profit per product to fine tune and focus your marketing to produce steady, continuous sales and maximized profits. A powerful tool to create a business with real returns.

As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3